before using for the first time
1 Set the browning level to maximum (6).
2 Operate the appliance empty, to cure the new elements.
3 This may smell a bit, but its nothing to worry about. Ensure the room is well ventilated.
toasting bread
4 Put the plug into the power socket.
5 Turn the browning control to the required setting (1 = light, 6 = dark).
6 Put bread into the toasting slots (maximum thickness 25mm).
7 Press the lever down fully.
, It won’t lock down unless the toaster is connected to the electricity supply.
8 When it’s done, the toast will pop up and the elements will turn off.
eject 5
9 To stop toasting, press the 5 button. The toast will pop up, and the elements will turn off.
extra lift
10 After toasting small items (bagels, crumpets, etc.) the lever may be raised further, to allow
them to be removed more easily.
frozen bread f
11 Leave the browning control at your favoured setting, insert the frozen bread, lower the lever,
then press the f button.
12 The light will come on, and the toasting time will be altered automatically to give the same
degree of browning you get with unfrozen bread.
reheating toast
13 Use the lowest setting. Only reheat plain, “unbuttered” toast.
bun warmer
14 Don’t use the bun warmer to warm frozen, buttered, coated, iced, or filled buns.
15 Sit the bun warmer on top of the toaster, with the feet inside the slots.
16 Sit the buns on top of the bun warmer.
17 Set the browning level to 1, then lower the lever.
18 When the lever pops up, remove the warmed buns.
19 Don’t touch the bun warmer wires – they’ll be hot.
20 Remove the bun warmer before using the toaster normally.
care and maintenance
21 Unplug the toaster and let it cool down.
22 Wipe outer surfaces with a damp cloth.
23 Remove and empty the crumb tray. Wipe with a damp cloth, dry, then replace it in the toaster.
24 Don’t put the appliance in water or any other liquid.
25 Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.