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things to do
Read these instructions carefully before fitting your car seat.
Remember, an incorrect installation could be dangerous.
Put these instruction in a safe place, preferably with the car seat
or in the vehicle so that you can find them for future reference.
Ensure that once the car seat is fitted no parts of the seat or
vehicles seat belt can trapped by a folding seat or the vehicles
Check every time you use the car seat that the vehicles seat belt
is tight and the car seat is held firmly in place.
Check every time you fit the car seat that the vehicle seat belt
has not become twisted.
Check every time you place your child in the car seat that the
safety harness is properly adjusted and the buckle is correctly
Car interiors can become very hot when left standing in direct
sunlight - it is therefore recommended that the car seat, when
not in use, is covered by a towel etc. This prevents components,
particularly those attached to the child seat, becoming hot and
burning the child.
Regulary check the car seat for signs of wear, especially the cover,
harness webbing and the buckle.
If your car seat is showing signs of wear contact our Customer.