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things not to do
Never use the child seat without fastening the childs harness
correctly, and never attempt to use it without fastening it into
the car as described in these fitting instructions.
Never place any padding between the base of the car seat and
the vehicles seat as it could impair the safety of the car seat.
Do not add or modify this product in any way. Never use spare
parts that are not recommended or supplied by the
Do not leave a child in the seat unattended at any time.
Do not allow children to play with the car seat.
This car seat must not be used without the cover. The seat cover
should not be replaced with any other than the one
recommended by the manufacturer, because the cover
constitutes an integral part of the restraint.
Do not allow your car seat to come into contact with corrosive
substances e.g. battery acid.
Never use this product if it has been in an accident, or it has
badly worn.