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final check list
1 Check that the car seats shoulder straps are in the correct
position for your child, see page 48-49.
2 Check that the vehicles seat belt is correctly fitted around the
car seat.
3 Check that the vehicles seat belt has not become twisted or
trapped in any way.
4 Check that the vehicles seat belt is fully tightened and the car
seat is held firmly against the vehicle seat.
5 Check that the car seat harness is correctly tightened, see pages
6 Check that the buckle on the car seats safety harness is
correctly locked, see pages 50-51.
Remember: no matter how well a car seat has been designed, if
it is fitted in the vehicle incorrectly then it may fail to protect
your child in the event of an accident.
Always follow the check list above before starting any journey
with the car seat fitted in your vehicle. Even when the car seat
has been left fitted in the vehicle, always chek that the vehicles
seat belt is correctly positioned and tightened before placing
your child in the car seat.
fabric care
In case of light soiling, sponge the fabric cover with a mild
detergent and warm water or remove the fabric cover from the
seat and handwash at 30°.
Do not use chemical cleaners. Do not machinewash. Do not
tumble-dry. Do not iron.