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Bosch Power Tools 1 609 929 T49 | (19.11.09)
Functional Description
Read all safety warnings and all in-
structions. Failure to follow the
warnings and instructions may re-
sult in electric shock, fire and/or se-
rious injury.
Intended Use
The power tool is intended as a stationary ma-
chine for making straight lengthways and cross-
ways cuts in wood. Horizontal mitre angles of
60° to +60° as well as vertical bevel angles of
90° to 45° are possible.
The machine is designed with sufficient capacity
for sawing hard and softwood as well as press
and particle board.
When operating as a table saw, the power tool
is not permitted for cutting aluminium or other
non-ferrous metals or alloys.
Observe the dimensions of the saw blade. The hole diameter
must match the tool spindle without play. Do not use reducers
or adapters.
When changing the saw blade, pay attention that the cutting
width is not smaller and the blade thickness is not larger than
the thickness of the riving knife.
Indicates the function of the locking knob on the angle stop
when adjusting mitre angles.
Indicates the possible positions of the parallel fence at the ta-
ble width enlargement.
The colour of the sticker corresponds with the scale colours on
the front guide rod. Depending on the position of the parallel
fence, the scale indicates the clearance to the saw blade.
Symbol Meaning
140mm - 250mm
220mm - 520mm
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