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Bosch Power Tools 1 609 929 T49 | (19.11.09)
Technical Data
Noise Information
Measured sound values determined according
to EN 61029.
Typically the A-weighted noise levels of the
product are: Sound pressure level 97 dB(A);
Sound power level 110 dB(A). Uncertainty
Wear hearing protection!
Declaration of Conformity
We declare under our sole responsibility that
the product described under “Technical Data” is
in conformity with the following standards or
standardization documents: EN 61029 accord-
ing to the provisions of the directives
2004/108/EC, 98/37/EC (until 28 Dec 2009),
2006/42/EC (from 29 Dec 2009).
EC Type Certification No. 3400636.01CE by no-
tified testing agency No. 2140.
Technical file at:
Robert Bosch GmbH, Dept. PT/ESC,
D-70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Robert Bosch GmbH, Power Tools Division
D-70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Leinfelden, 04.07.2008
f Avoid unintentional starting of the ma-
chine. During assembly and for all work on
the machine, the power plug must not be
connected to the mains supply.
Delivery Scope
Please also observe the repre-
sentation of the delivery scope
at the beginning of the operat-
ing instructions.
Before starting the operation of the machine for
the first time, check if all parts listed below have
been supplied:
Table saw
(Preassembled: Table width enlargement 9,
saw blade 38, insert plate 3)
–Bottom plate 35 with pre-mounted Phillips
Table extension 2
Table saw PTS 10
Article number
3 603 L03 2..
Rated power input
W 1400
Rated voltage
V 230
Hz 50
No-load speed
Reduced starting
Weight according to
kg 23.5
Protection class
Maximum workpiece dimensions, see page 48.
The values given are valid for nominal voltages [U] of
230/240 V. For lower voltage and models for specific
countries, these values can vary.
Please observe the article number on the type plate of
your machine. The trade names of the individual ma-
chines may vary.
Dimension of suitable saw blades
Saw blade diameter
mm 254
Blade thickness
mm 1.8
Mounting hole diameter
mm 30
Dr. Egbert Schneider
Senior Vice President
Dr. Eckerhard Strötgen
Head of Product
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