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1 609 929 T49 | (19.11.09) Bosch Power Tools
Fastening kit for “table extension” 41
(2 guide rods, 2 securing screws, 2 clips,
2 short fastening knobs)
Parallel fences 8 and 10
Auxiliary parallel fence (aluminium) 18
with profile rail 47
Auxiliary parallel fence (plastic) 49
Angle stop 16
Fastening kit for “auxiliary parallel guide” 45
(4 short screws, 2 long fastening knobs 48,
2 square nuts and washers)
Blade guard 6
Fastening kit for “blade guard” 40
(screw, nut, washer)
Riving knife 4 with pre-mounted hexagon
bolt 36
Vacuum hose 34
Hold-down stick 22
Ring spanner 17
for machine versions with base unit:
Base unit 69
(12 Profiles, 4 end caps)
Fastening kit for base unit 68
(24 screws with nuts for assembly, 4 screws
with nuts for fastening of the machine, 4
Note: Check the power tool for possible dam-
Before further use of the machine, check that all
protective devices are fully functional. Any light-
ly damaged parts must be carefully checked to
ensure flawless operation of the tool. All parts
must be properly mounted and all conditions
fulfilled that ensure faultless operation.
Damaged protective devices and parts must be
immediately replaced by an authorised service
Initial Operation
Carefully remove all parts included in the de-
livery from their packaging.
Remove all packaging material from the ma-
chine and the accessories provided.
Take special care to ensure that the packag-
ing material under the motor block is re-
Additionally required tools (not in delivery
Phillips screwdriver
Angle gauge
Box-end or open-end spanner (size 13 mm)
for assembly of the base unit
Assembly Sequence
For easier working, observe the assembly se-
quence of the supplied product features.
1. Assembly from Below
Vacuum hose 34
–Bottom plate 35 with pre-mounted Phillips
2. Assembly from Above
Riving knife 4
Blade guard 6
Table extension 2
Parallel fence 8, auxiliary parallel fences (18
or 49) and angle stop 16
Assembly from Below
Place down the power tool upside down on
its saw table 11.
Mounting the Vacuum Hose (see figure a)
Connect the sawdust ejector on the saw
blade casing and the sawdust ejector 32 on
the machine housing with the vacuum hose
Mounting the Bottom Plate(see figure b)
Insert the bottom plate 35 into the intended
recesses so that the Phillips screws can be
screwed into the holes of the housing.
Fasten the bottom plate by screwing in and
tightening the Phillips screws.
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