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Bosch Power Tools 1 609 929 T49 | (19.11.09)
Assembly from Above
Turn the power tool around so that it is in the
correct working position.
Mounting the Riving Knife (see figures c1c3)
Using the ring spanner 17, lift up the insert
plate 3 at the front and remove it from the
notches 37.
Turn handwheel 12 in anticlockwise direc-
tion to the stop so that the saw blade 38 is in
the highest possible position above the saw
Loosen locking knob 29 to tilt the saw blade
Insert the riving knife 4 so that the respective
holes are positioned on the guide bolts of
the riving knife fixture 39.
Fasten the riving knife 4 to fixture 39 by firm-
ly tightening hexagon bolt 36 with ring span-
ner 17 (13 mm).
Readjust the saw blade back to 90° again
and tighten locking knob 29. (also see “Ad-
justing Vertical Bevel Angles”, page 46)
Note: The riving knife must be in alignment with
the saw blade to avoid jamming of the work-
Finally, reassemble the insert plate 3.
For this, hook the insert plate into the notch-
es 37 and then press the insert plate down-
ward until it engages in the saw table.
Mounting the Blade Guard (see figure d)
For assembly, use the fastening kit for “blade
guard” 40. (screw, nut, washer)
–Insert screw 40 through the holes of the
blade guard and riving knife.
The square head of the screw must engage in
the corresponding recess of the blade guard.
Mount the washer and the nut.
Tighten the nut sufficiently with the ring
spanner 17 (13 mm) so that the blade guard
remains secured in any set position.
Mounting the Table Extension
(see figures e1e2)
For assembly, use the fastening kit for “table ex-
tension” 41. (2 guide rods, 2 securing screws,
2 clips, 2 short fastening knobs)
Insert both guide rods (rod end with thread-
ed hole ahead) to the stop into the appropri-
ate holes on the table extension 2.
Screw the rubber buffer 42 onto the table ex-
Fasten the guide rods to the extension bar by
inserting the clips into the threaded holes.
Afterwards, insert the table extension via
both guide rods into the intended fixtures
under the saw table.
Screw the securing screws against pulling
out, into the threads intended for this pur-
Screw the fastening knobs 23 into the
threads intended for this purpose under the
saw table.
Mounting the Angle Stop
(see figures f1f2)
Insert the guide rail 43 of the angle stop 16
into one of the guide grooves 21 of the saw
table intended for this purpose.
Note: In the lefthand guide groove, the position
of the angle stop can be affixed on the sliding ta-
ble by screwing in the locking knob 44.
Mount the aluminium auxiliary parallel fence
18 to the angle stop with the supplied fasten-
ing kit 45. (2 short screws, 2 square nuts and
Note: Take care that the auxiliary parallel fence
rests completely on saw table.
The clearance between saw blade and auxiliary
parallel fence may not exceed 15 mm (max.).
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