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Bosch Power Tools 1 609 929 T49 | (19.11.09)
Stationary or Flexible Mounting
f To ensure safe handling, the machine must
be mounted on a level and stable surface
(e. g., workbench) prior to using.
Mounting without Base Unit (see figure i)
Fasten the power tool with suitable screw
fasteners to the working surface. The holes
20 serve for this purpose.
Mounting with Base Unit
(see figures k1k3 from page 15 on)
For mounting, use the base-unit fastening kit 68.
(24 screws with nuts for assembly, 4 screws
with nuts for fastening of the machine, 4 wash-
Screw the base unit 69 together. Tighten the
screws firmly.
Fasten the power tool to the supporting sur-
face of the base unit. For this, use the mount-
ing holes 20 of the power tool as well as the
slots in the base unit.
Changing the Tool (see figures j1 j4)
f Before any work on the machine itself, pull
the mains plug.
f When mounting the saw blade, wear protec-
tive gloves. Danger of injury when touching
the saw blade.
Select the suitable saw blade for the material to
be cut.
Use only saw blades whose maximum permitted
speed is higher than the no-load speed of the
power tool.
Use only saw blades that correspond with the
characteristic data given in these operation in-
structions and that are tested and marked in ac-
cordance with EN 847-1.
Removing the Saw Blade
Using the ring spanner 17, lift up the insert
plate 3 at the front and remove it from the
notches 37.
Turn handwheel 12 in anticlockwise direc-
tion to the stop so that the saw blade 38 is in
the highest possible position above the saw
Turn the clamping nut 51 with the ring span-
ner 17 (23 mm) and at the same time, pull
the spindle lock lever 50 until it engages.
Keep the spindle lock lever pulled and un-
screw the clamping nut turning in anticlock-
wise direction.
Remove the clamping flange 52.
Remove the saw blade 38.
Mounting the Saw Blade
If required, clean all parts to be mounted prior
to assembly.
Place the new saw blade onto the supporting
flange 52 of the tool spindle 53.
Note: Do not use saw blades that are too small.
The clearance between saw blade and riving
knife must not exceed 5 mm (max.).
f When mounting the saw blade, pay atten-
tion that the cutting direction of the teeth
(arrow direction on the saw blade) corre-
sponds with the direction of the arrow on
the blade guard!
Mount the clamping flange 52 and the clamp-
ing nut 51.
Turn the clamping nut 51 with the ring span-
ner 17 (23 mm) and at the same time, pull
the spindle lock lever 50 until it engages.
Tighten the clamping nut in clockwise direc-
Reinsert the insert plate 3. (see figure c3)
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