Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [47/133]
iPod Battery Charging
While connected to the unit, the iPod will automatically start recharging as long as the vehicle's ignition key is turned to
ACC or ON.
Switch to iPod Mode
When the head unit is powered on and iPod is connected to the 30 pin connector, press MODE button to switch to iPod
mode and unit then starts reading the music files contained in the iPod and the playback will automatically start. Press
MODE button repeatedly to change to other modes or switch back to iPod mode.
iPod Information Display On The Unit Display
This unit can display the Song, Artist, Album name and Elapsed time on the display, this information can be displayed by
pressing AS/PS button repeatedly while a iPod Song file is playing.
Searching a needed song
During iPod playback mode, press NAVI to enter into the iPod Searching Mode. There are different searching methods:
1. Playlists
2. Artists
3. Albums
4. Songs
5. Genres
Once selected the needed searching method, within 10 second press MENU button to confirm and enter the searching
mode, then rotate VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- buttons to navigate in the Album or Artist or Song contained in
the iPod. Press MENU button to confirm or play the selected song. During the searching mode, press AS/PS button as
quick move back to the last upper level of Album, Playlist, Genre, etc.
Song Select
Press NEXT or PREVIOUS button to skip to the next or previous song. Press and hold NEXT or PREVIOUS button for
more than 3 seconds to fast forward or fast reverse the current song.