Varta V-CD600BT Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [58/133]
 During the talking mode, if the ignition is being turned off, the unit will keep the conversation. After the
conversation is finished, you can press BAND/CLEAR button to switch off the unit.
To Activate the privacy talking mode (Incoming call transfer mode)
During the talking mode, you can press and hold MODE/TRANSFER button to transfer the phone call from the unit back
to the mobile phone for privacy reason. The display will show “CALL TRANSFER” for 3 seconds after the transfer mode
is being activated.
 After the MODE/TRANSFER button is pressed, the mute of the present mode will be released at the same time.
 When making an outgoing call, it's not possible to make the call transfer if the call is not being answered yet. It's
only possible to transfer the call to mobile phone after the call is being answered.
 Depending on different type of mobile phone, the time needed for activating the call transfer mode is different.
To Call A Number From The Phone Book
You can find and direct dialing the number, which stored in the Phone Book on the mobile phone; enter the phone book
by following operation:
1. Press MENU button to enter the call menu mode.
2. After the CALL MENU appeared on the display, press NAVI button to enter the phone book list.
3. Rotate VOLUME knob or press VOL+/VOL- button to find the phone number on the phone book list one by one.
Note: Rotate the VOLUME knob clockwise to search number stored in the mobile phone, if rotate the VOLUME knob
anti-clockwise the searching number stored in the SIM card will be activated.
4. Once the phone number is found, press MODE button to start dialing the number.
Auto answer mode
You can set this unit to automatically answer all the incoming calls, once this function is set to on, you do not need to
press MENU or MODE button to answer/accept any incoming call.
To set the incoming ring tone level
You can preset the needed incoming call ringing volume level from the car speakers. Default setting is “20”. You can
adjust the volume level in the menu of BT-phone volume.