MODEL: hydrostatic mower with front deck
ENGINE: BRIGGS & STRATTON 570 c.c. OHV twin cylinder combustion, 4 stroke, 18 HP.
ENGINE: Kubota D 722 diesel, 3 cylinder water cooled, 20.5 HP.
IGNITION: electric. 12v Battery.
GEARBOX: hydrostatic transmission.
CLUTCH: for P.T.O. belt operated.
SPEED: from 0 to 9 Km/h with continuous variation.
TYRES: front 20 x 10.00 - 8, 21 x 11.00 - 8; rear 15 x 6.00 - 6.
WEIGHT: 455 kg with 106 cm cutting deck, petrol engine.
WEIGHT: 525 kg with 106 cm cutting deck, diesel engine, 300 litre grass catcher.
WEIGHT: 840 kg with 126 cm cutting deck, high discharge, 700 litre grass catcher, D 722 diesel engine.
GRASS CATCHER: 300 - 700 lt.
TYPE: 2 rotating blades.
CUTTING WIDTH: 106 cm - 126 cm.
CUTTING HEIGHT: from 30 mm to 90 mm, 7 different positions.
TYPE: 3 blades.
CUTTING WIDTH: 150 cm, side discharge.
1) Make sure the machine is complete and that it has not suffered any damage during transit.
2) Check the levels of the engine oil, hydrostatic transmission and speed reduction gearbox.
3) Check the tyre pressures:
Front wheels 20 x 10.00 - 8 (1.5 BAR), 21 x 11.00 - 8 (0.6 BAR)
Rear wheels 15 x 6.00 - 6 (1.5 BAR)
Deck wheels 3.00 / 4 (2 BAR)
4) Check the battery voltage, it must not be less than 12 Volts; recharge if necessary.
If a dry battery has been supplied with separate acid, to put the machine into service proceed as follows:
1) pour in the acid and wait 2 hours;
2) charge the battery with a charger set to 12 Volts on a slow charge for 2 hours.
Caution, if this procedure is not observed this could lead to the battery deteriorating and the acid leaking out
during work.
IMPORTANT!!! When fitting the battery be careful not to invert the poles. Do not start the engine if the battery
is disconnected.
The gas released by the battery is explosive, so keep it away from naked flames or sparks. Check the level of the
liquid at regular intervals and keep the terminals greased with Vaseline.
Change the engine oil and filter after the first 30 hours of work.
Check for oil leaks or loose screws, especially those that retain the blades and wheels.
Adjust the tension on the drive belts (fig. 6).
Before turning on the engine always check that:
the cooling fins on the hydraulic motors are clear;
the radiator liquid is up to the level (only on the diesel version);
the engine cooling intake grilles are clear
the engine oil is up to the level;
the oil in the hydraulic motors is up to the level;