Grillo BEEFLY 700 Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [18/79]
With the key in the AVV. [ON] position the instrument panel remains off - DIESEL ENGINE
– The battery is not providing any current – Check the connecting leads
– Check the level of electrolyte
– Recharge the battery
– Replace the fuse
The instrument panel comes on, but with the key in the ON pos., the starter motor does not turn
– The battery is not providing enough current – Recharge the battery
– No consent given to start – Speed presetting lever in the STOP position
– Disengage the blades
– Sit in the driving seat
Difficult starting or the engine runs badly
– Carburettor problems – Clean or replace the air filter
– Check there is no air in the fuel line
– Bleed the fuel supply system
– Sediment or dirt in the fuel – Check the diesel filter and replace if necessary
The starter motor turns but the engine will not start
– No diesel flow – Check fuel level in the tank
– Check the diesel filter (and replace if necessary)
Check that the breather hole in the fuel cap is not blocked
– Plugs not warmed up enough on cold engine – Wait for the plug light to go out
– The timer is not working properly – Check the connections
– Replace the timer
– The electrostop has not run its full course – Check the course
– Replace the electrostop
Drop in engine performance while cutting
– Advance speed too high for the grass height – Reduce speed
– Lift the cutting deck by a few notches
Engine stops when blades are engaged
– No consent given for blade engagement – Check the PTO microswitch
– Operator sitting in driving seat
Uneven and insufficient cutting
– Cutting deck not parallel with the ground – Check tyre pressures
– Restore deck parallelism
– Blades not cutting correctly – Check blades are fitted properly
– Sharpen or replace blades
– Adjust PTO belt tensions
– Advance speed too high for the grass height and – Cut lawn when grass is dry if possible
lawn conditions – Reduce advance speed
– Grass duct blocked – Remove the deck and empty the grass duct