DECOR Axial Extractor Fans
The installation and settings must be
done only by an Qualified Electrician.
The DECOR extractor fan range is
manufactured to the high standards of
production and quality as lay down by the
international Quality Standard ISO 9001.
All components have been checked and
every one of the final products will have
been individually tested at the end of the
manufacturing process.
Please read this instructions booklet
y before installing or starting up
the product. It contains important
information on personal and user safety
measures to be followed while installing,
using and carrying out maintenance work
on the equipment.
Important information
- Check that the apparatus is in perfect
condition while unpacking. Any fault or
damage caused in origin is covered by
the S&P guarantee. Please make sure
that the apparatus coincides with the
product you have ordered and that the
details on the instructions plate fulfil
your necessities.
- Installation must only be carried out by
qualified persons.
- Make sure that the installation
complies with each country’s current
mechanical and electrical norms.
- If a venti
lator is going to be installed to
extract air from premises where a
boiler or other combustion apparatus
are installed, make sure that the
building has sufficient air intakes to
assure adequate combustion.
- The extractor outlet must not be
connected to a duct used to exhaust
smoke or fumes from any appliance
that uses gas or any other type of fuel.
Installation fig.1
IMPORTANT: Before installing and
wiring the unit, ensure that the main
supply is switched off.
1 : Protection grille
2 : Fixing screw
3 : Connection terminals
4 : Outlet with backdraught shutter
5 : Cable entry
The DECOR can either discharge directly
to the outside or via an individual or
central ducting system (see Fig. 2).
The unit can be mounted on the wall or
ceiling using the 4 rubber blocks and the
screws provided.
Drill a hole in chosen position in the wall
or ceiling of: (fig.1)
If the unit is to be installed with individual
ducting, use a standard duct:
- DECOR-100: 100 mm
- DECOR-200: 125 mm
- DECOR-300: 150-160 mm
Loosen the screw (2), which holds the
grille in place (1) and remove the grille.
Ensure that there are no obstructions to
the airflow and that the impeller turns
Fix the extractor to the wall in such a way
that it is not distorted in order to avoid
noise generat
ion or problems with the
rotation of the impeller. Make sure that
the backdraught shutter opens freely and
has not being damaged in transit.
Introduce the mains cable through one of
the cable point (5) and fix it to the wall so
that the fixing screw (2) is above.
Connect the electrical wiring as set out
below and then mount the protection
grille (1) and tighten the screw (2).