Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH544 (VFY:AH544M67A2RU) Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [83/87]
Указания изготовителя
Exposure from radio frequency devices. The radiated output power of this radio device is far below
the FCC radio frequency exposure limits. N evert heless, this device shall be used in such a manner
that the potential for human contact during normal operation is minimized. When using this device, a
certain separation distance between antenna and nearby persons must be maintained to ensure RF
exposure compliance. In order to comply with RF exposure limits established in the ANSI C95.1
standards, the distance between the antennas and the user should not be less than 20 cm (8 inches).
Regulatory Notes and Statements
Radio device, Health and Authorization for use
Radio frequency electromagnetic energy is emitted from the radio devices. The energy levels of
these emissions, however, are far much less than the electromagnetic energy emissions from
wireless devices such as mobile phones. Radio devices are safe for use by co nsu mers because
they operate within the guidelines found in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations.
The use of the radio devices may be restricted in some situations or environments, such as:
on board an airplane, or
in an explosive environment, or
in situations where the interference risk to other devices or services is
perceived or identied as harmful.
In cases in which the policy regarding use of radio devices in specic environments is not
clear (e.g., airports, hospitals, chemical/oil/gas industrial plants, private buildings), obtain
authorization to use these devices prior to operating the equipment.
Regulatory Information/Disclaimers
Installation and use of this radio device must be in strict accordance with the instructions included
in the user documentation provided with the product. Any changes or modications made to this
device that are no t expressly approved by t he manufacturer may void the user ’s authority to operate
the equipment. The manufacture r is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused
by unauthorized modication of this device, or the substitution o r attachment of connecting cables
and eq uipm ent other than those specied by the ma nufacturer. It is the responsibility of the user
to correct any interference caused by such unauthorized modication, substitution or attachment.
The manufacturer and its authorized resellers or distributors will assume no liability for any damage
or violation of government regulations arising from fa ilure to comply with these g uidelines.
Export restrict ion s
This produ ct or software contains encryption code which may not be exporte d or
transferred from the US or Canad a without an approved US Department of Commerce
export license. This device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules, as well as ICES 003 B
/ NMB 003 B. Operation is subject to t he following two conditions:
(1) this device may not cause ha rmful interference, an d
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference
that may cause undesirable operation.
Modications not expressly authorized by Fujitsu Technology Solutions may
invalidate the user’s right to operate this equipment.
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