Fujitsu AH552 AH552MPZB3RU [77/84] DOC (Industry CANADA) Notices
Указания изготовителя
Stores where telephones are used by patrons to order merchandise.
Public transportation terminals where telephones are used to call taxis or
to reserve lodging or rental cars.
In hotel and m otel rooms as at least ten percen t of the rooms must c onta in hearing
aid-compatible telephones or jacks for plug-in hearing aid compatible telephones which
will be provided to hearing impaired customers on request.
DOC (Industry CANADA) Not
Notice to Users of Radio s and Television
This Class B digital apparatus meets all requirements of Can adian Interference -Cau sing Equipment
CET appareil numйrique de la class B respecte toutes les exigence du Rйglement
sur le matйrial brouilleur du Canada.
Notice to Users of the Canadian Telephone Network
This equipment meets the applicable Industry Canada Terminal Equipment Technical
Specications. This is conrmed by the r egistration number. The abbreviation, IC, before
the registration number signies that registration was performed based on a Declaration of
Conformity indicating that Industry Canada technical speci cations were met. It d oes not
imply that Industry Canada approved the equipm ent. Before connecting this equipment to
a telephone line the user should ensure that it is pe rmissible to connect this equipment to
the local telecommunication facilities. The user should be aware that compliance with th e
certication standards does not prevent service degradation in some situations.
Repairs to telecommunication equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized
maintenance facility. Any repairs or altera tions not expressly approved by Fujitsu or
any eq uipment failures may give the telecommunication company cause to request the
user to disconnect the equipment from the telephone line.
The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for this terminal equipment is 0.0. The REN assigned
to each terminal equipment provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals
allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The termination on an interface m ay
consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the s um of the
Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all t he devices does not exceed ve.
For safety, users should ensure tha t the electrical ground of the power utility, the
telephone lines and the metallic water pipes a re connecte d together. Users should NO T
attempt to make such connections themselves but should contact the appropriate electric
inspection authority or electrician. This may be particularly importan t in rural areas.
Avis Au x Utilisateurs Du Rйseau Tйlйphonique Canadien
AVIS : Le présent matériel est conforme aux spécications techniques d’Industrie Canad a
applicables au matériel terminal. Cette conformité est conrmée par le numéro d’enregistrement.
Le sigle IC , placé devant le nu méro d’enregistrement, signie que l’enregistremen t s’est effectué
conformément à une déclaration de conformité et indique que les spécications techniques
d’Industrie Canada ont été respectées. Il n’implique pas qu’Industrie Canada a approuvé le matériel.
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