Minimize shadows and other distractions with an InFocus
IN130UST ultra short throw projector. Place it just inches
from the wall and display big, bright, crisp images in high
ambient light without shadows or glare.
The IN130UST projectors provide the features you need
such as HDMI, network connectivity, and incredible 3D
capability – all for a great price. Plus, its long-lasting lamp
will stretch your budget even further.
Ultra short throw with big
performance and value
Minimal Interference
Your content being displayed is king. You worked hard on
it, so don’t let anything get in the way. The IN130UST
projectors minimize shadows and glare since it can
produce a 100-inch image from only 17 inches away.
Low Cost of Ownership
The savings for the IN130UST projectors go beyond the
low purchase price. They utilize an ultra-efficient lamp
that can last up to 8,000 hours, which is easy to do with
the projector’s bright Eco Mode and low-interference
proximity to the wall.
Convenient Connectivity
Connect your digital devices quickly via HDMI, VGA, and
more. You can also plug in your microphone for voice
lift through the projector’s powerful built-in speakers.
Network connectivity is also provided for easy monitoring
and management.
Ultra Versatile
The IN130UST is compact enough to be mounted
or portable. Mount it on the wall to shine on your
whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, wall, or screen,
or carry or roll it on a media cart from room-to-room.
The ultra short throw makes it easy to get a big, sharp
image anywhere.
Why choose the in130ust Series?
¡ Ultra short throw at a great low price
¡ Up to 3300 lumens of brightness
¡ Long lamp life of up to 8,000 hours extends the savings
¡ Deep blacks and bright whites with high 10000:1 contrast ratio
¡ Extensive connectivity, including HDMI
¡ Easy to manage over your network
¡ Microphone input and powerful 20-watt speakers
¡ Supports every current 3D standard for DLP projectors,
plus a 3D Sync port for a 3D IR emitter
(1024 x 768)
Ultra Short Throw
2800 lumens
(1280 x 800)
Ultra Short Throw
3300 lumens
m odels
VGA x 2 VESA 3D Sync Port
Composite Video RS232
S-Video Monitor out (VGA)
3.5mm stereo in USB Type B
3.5mm stereo out (control & firmware)
3.5mm microphone in