The InFocus IN110a Series are not only some of the lowest cost
projectors we’ve ever sold, but also have one of the longest-
lasting lamps – for incredibly low total cost of ownership.
These value-packed projectors are easy to buy and built to
perform with HDMI input, high brightness, high contrast, and
technology. Plus, their compact design and light
weight make them as easy to move around as they are to install.
Unbelievable low price.
Unbeatable value.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
The IN110a Series are not only some of the lowest priced
office/classroom projectors we’ve ever offered, but their
lamps can last up to an amazing 10,000 hours. There
aren’t even any filters to replace. It's an unbeatable value.
Resolution Options
Choose from native resolution of SVGA for the best price,
XGA for better image detail and clarity, or widescreen
WXGA resolution for projecting high definition video and
wide notebook screens without scaling.
Eco Blanking
Instantly dim the screen to divert your audience’s attention
onto you with the Eco Blanking feature on the remote control.
Activate this feature when the projector isn’t being used
and lower the lamp’s power usage down to 30%. This
saves energy and significantly extends the life of the
lamp, which saves you money.
High Brightness and High Contrast
The image quality of these projectors will not disappoint.
3000 lumens will give you bright, clear images with the
lights on and the 15000:1 contrast ratio adds sharpness
with darker blacks and whiter whites.
Preset modes give you the best image quality on a beige
wall, whiteboard, blackboard or other surface.
Why choose the IN110a Series?
¡ Ultra-low purchase price
¡ Long life lamp of up to 10,000 hours lowers costs even more
¡ High 15000:1 contrast ratio
¡ Compact and light weight for easy portability
¡ Accurate and vivid color reproduction with BrilliantColor technology
¡ HDMI connectivity
¡ Display 3D content from Blu-ray and PCs
VGA x 2 HDMI 1.4
Composite Video S-Video
RS232 3.5 mm audio in x 2
USB-B 3.5 mm audio out
(control & firmware) Monitor out (VGA)
(800 x 600)
3000 lumens
HDMI 1.4
(1024 x 768)
3000 lumens
HDMI 1.4
(1280 x 800)
3000 lumens
HDMI 1.4
m odels