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Recommendation Item List
Displays a list of items that have been created by the item recommendation function so far. The items are
sorted by year, with the date of the latest image in the item regarded as the event date.
To display the Recommendation Item List, click (Recommendation Item List) of Image Display. Click an
item to start My Image Garden.
(Recommendation Item List) cannot be clicked if there is no item.
(1) Year of Event Area
(2) Image Display Area
(3) Button Area
(1) Year of Event Area
The years of the events are displayed. Click (Down arrow) to display the next year. Click (Up
arrow) to display the previous year.
(2) Image Display Area
Items are displayed, sorted by event year. The items are listed from left to right, in chronological order.
(Back/Next) to display the hidden items.
Point to an item to see it in a larger view.