Electric ceiling heater
The manufacturer considers this type of failure a nonguaranteed
1. Read all instructions before using the heater.
2. Temperature of radiating boards during operation of the heater may reach 340 °C. To avoid
burns, do not touch the appliance surface by hand and other body parts. It is also necessary to
exclude the possibility of touching the heater radiating boards by a person (including accidental)
via proper instructions and allocation of the heater in an inaccessible place.
4. The power cord and other objects should not contact hot surfaces of the heater.
5. Make sure that the heater body and its radiating boards get cold before demounting and placing
the heater to the package for long storage.
6 During demounting of the heater or its movement, take special precautions to exclude hits of
the appliance and its falling.
7. When the heater is not used for a long time, keep it in dry cool place in the factory cardboard
8. DO NOT COVER the heater. Do not dry clothes and any other fabrics/materials on the appliance.
your property.
9. The heater should be connected to the electric mains equipped with an automatic circuit breaker.
10. Never connect the heater to the electric mains, if its surface is moist (wet).
warranty service of the appliance.
12. It is prohibited to use the heater in rooms with explosive, dusty, or corrosive environment.
13. Exclude operation of the heater without grounding.
14. It is prohibited to switch on and use the heater with removed cover.
15. It is prohibited to install and use the heater in bathrooms, showers, or near swimming pools,
where water jets and drops may directly get onto the appliance surface, when it is switched on.
16. It is prohibited to use the heater in dusty rooms and during redecoration.
17. It is prohibited to touch the heater radiating boards.
18. Use the heater only as described in this Manual. Any other use not recommended by the man-
19. Never clean the heater, when it is connected to the electric mains, and do not wipe the heater
21. Install and operate the heater on the ceiling constructions and on the wall. At that, thermal
resistance of the ceiling coating material should be at least 80 oC.
22. It is prohibited to install the appliance in immediate proximity to an electric socket. This may
result in its overheating causing an emergency situation.
23. The appliance is not designed for use by people (including children) with limited physical, sen-
vised and instructed on use of the device by a person responsible for their safety. It is necessary to
watch that children do not play with the heater.
24. There can be sticked an advert stickers on the heating plates. It should be removed from the
25. There is a warning sticker on the reverse side of the device. It is strongly do not recommended
to remove it. You can do this, only if you want to attach the remote control block. (Remote Control
Block is not included in the standard set of heater; you can buy it separately).