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We thank you for purchasing the shower cabin of ERLIT trade mark and hope that it will
come up to all of your expectations.
The shower cabin can be used in apartments, houses or hotels – in all cases its
installation will be simple and safe, while using it will give you pleasure and bene t
your health.
Shower cabins of ERLIT trade mark combine all of the latest designs developed by our
company, introduced in order to give this product even higher quality and make it even
more convenient in exploitation.
The product you have purchased is manufactured in compliance with modern European
technical standards, meets mandatory construction and sanitary standards.
All products of ERLIT trade mark are manufactured in compliance with requirements
of the highest standards, which de ne all technical parameters of shower cabins for
sale in the European Union countries.
Please, read this installation and operation manual carefully in order to ensure the
safest and the most e ective installation, utilization and maintenance of the product.
Manufacturer reserves the right not to notify the end user about di erences in
structures between the obsolete model and the new, improved version of the shower
cabin; however, we are sure that this will not hamper your utilization of the product.
Thank you for the purchase!
The shower cabin is intended for hydrotherapeutic procedures.
Installation of cabin must be conducted by quali ed specialist.
• Used water pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa, water discharge 8-12 l/min. Temperature of hot
water fed onto the cabin should not exceed 70°С. Installation of coarse water lters
is required.
• Level of canalization draining from oor up to tray must be at least 70 mm.
Maximum load to the tray 210 kg.
• Mounting dimensions of hot and cold water pipeline 1/2” (15 mm), drainhole diameter
1-1/2” (40 mm).
• Upon nishing to use the cabin it is necessary to put a switch to OFF position.
Upon nishing to use the cabin it is necessary to shut down feeding of cold and hot
water in the cabin.
• Installing the cabin on the street
• Misusing the cabin
• Using the cabin in the state of alcohol and intoxicated
• Standing on the edge of the tray
• Using the cabin by the people who have fear of closed space
• Using the cabin by children and elderly people without supervision by relatives
• Clean the sower cabin using abrasive and agressive detergents.
The cabins are transported in a covered vehicle.
If the cabin subject to instaallation is delivered from the cold premise to the warm one,
it is necessary for each part of it to match the environment temperature rst. A er
purchase the product has to be stored in the package in order to be accepted for a er-
sales service, before installation and acceptance for warranty service.
• This product is intended for domestic use in the premises.
• Packaging elements (plastic bags, metal clips) may be potentially dangerous for
children, thus put them away to the unreachable place immediately a er installing
the cabin.
• It is necessary to check completeness and integrity of the product a er opening the
• Always take the plug out of the socket or turn the electricity o on your electric
service panel before starting any cabin maintenance operations.
• Water feeding regulator must be in the middle position in order to avoid temperature
shock If you are using a sauna mode, don’t use the shower or hydromassage.
• Cleaning of shower cabin must be conducted with a so cloth or a sponge using
liquid detergents.
• Water feeding system must be equipped with lters.
• It is not recommended to wash pets without using a protection rug.