Unit UBS-2080 Зеленый Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [3/8]
STEP 2. Switch on the scales by slight tap on the right lower corner of the glass platform. Then wait for
a few seconds until display prompts to «0.0» before starting weighing.
Note: The display will show «Err» if you step on the scales before it shows «0.0». If it happens please
start from the beginning of Step 2.
STEP 3. Gently step on the scales. Put your feet evenly on the scales without moving and wait until your
weight shown on display is stable and locked.
When you step off the scales, it will automatically switch off. Auto shut-off occurs if display shows «0.0»
or shows the same weight reading for approximate 8 seconds.
Scales might be overloaded. (Max. weight capacity is indicated on the scales).
Please step off to avoid damage.
The Error sign will appear on the display.
When the battery needs replacing, the following will appear on the screen:
Remove the battery from the scales and change it. Put a new one into the battery case.