General information
Shock absorbers to prevent damage caused by vibrating
washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers. The
machine has to be levelled after which the shock absorbers
are to be placed under its feet.
• Reduces noise
• Absorbs shocks
• Prevents damage to floors
Type: Absorbers
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Content: 4 pcs
Application: Washing Machine
Usage: Shock Absorption
Package contents
• 4x shock absorbers
Sales information
Order code:
Product description: Shock Absorber Washing Machine 4
Packaging: Bag
Brand name: HQ
Quantity LxWxH (mm) Weight
1 140x25x165 150 gr.
75 365x275x455 12740 gr.
Shock Absorber Washing Machine 4 pcs
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