Unit UBS-2056 Рисунок C Руководство по эксплуатации онлайн [4/18]
Bathroom scale | Напольные весы | UBS-2053/2056
Before using, the device read carefully this manual and save it for the duration of operation of the
1. Damp or wet glass surface of the scales very slippery, be careful and keep it
dry. Do not let water get inside the weights, as this can cause damage to the
electronic system.
2. This device works under static pressure. Treat your scale with care, do not
jump on them, and not throw them.
3. Clean the scale with soft cloth; in any case do not immerse the appliance in
water. Do not use chemical cleaners.
4. Keep the scales in cool place with relative humidity not exceeding 80%.
5. Do not store the scale in upright position.
6. During long-term storage, remove the battery from the device.
7. The scale is only for weighing a person, and not for commercial use of the
8. Weigh yourself without clothes and without shoes, on an empty stomach, at
the same time of the day. The best time to measure weight in the morning.
9. The error in the weighing is 100 grams. If you weigh twice and get two different
values, the correct value of your weight between these two values.
Electronic scale UNIT was design for accurate measurement of your weight, and changes therein for a
period. Libra will serve you for a long time with proper and careful use.