1. This training equipment is only intended for use in training areasof organizations
such as sport associations, educational establishment, hotels, clubs and studios,
where access and control is specifically regulated by the owner (person who has the
legal responsibility).
2. The training equipment shall only be used in areas where access control is specifically
regulated by the owner; the extent of control depends on the users,
e.g. degree of reliability, age, experience, etc.
3. The training equipment shall only be used in supervised areas.
4. Always keep unsupervised children and disabled away from the equipment.
5. Injury to health may result from incorrect or excessive training, please consult the
couch to choice correct exercise method and proper burden.
6. Please adjust the load and equipment further (e.g. seat adjustment) before using.
7. Please check if the bolt and handrail are out of work before you start to use it.
8. When weight stacks, booms and other parts of this equipment are blocked, must
handle with other peoples assistance, in case that the weight stacks may suddenly
drop and cause accident.
9 .Adjust the length of the steel cable properly and never make the steel wire rope
twist. After using the machine for a period, the owner shall check the steel cable to
make sure no unusual phenomena in connecting. When meet any problems, please
consult the professional maintenance personal at once.
10. Do not suddenly drop the weight stack. In order to avoid destroying other weight
stacks, please raise it when the weight stacks nearly collide.
11. While using, forbid hands stretching into the weight stacks or the relative motion
parts, so as not to injure the finger.
12. Never allow person with heart disease and children under 12 to use this
13.The training equipment is in compliance with EN 957-2 class S(S=studio);
14.The max training weight is 150kgs (330pound). The max user’s body weight is
150kg (330pound).
15.The machine should be located stably. A space of 2000mm*2000mm should be
around the machine
16.The scope of products: Primary use in professional fitness club.The second is the
residence communitygym of some company
17. If you feel swirl, surfeit and other discomfort sense, Please stop exercising and go
for doctor.
18. The equipment should be installed on stable even surface.
19. The machine shall only be used indoor and be avoid of moisture.
20. Wear right shoes and coat
21. Warm up before exercising
22. Don’t use the equipment to do the impossible function
23. Please exercise under instruction by professional coach.
24. Inspect if the equipment is fastness before using
25. Any of the adjustment devices that could interfere with the user movement
should not be left projecting.