Bronze Gym A-01 Жим от груди Руководство пользователя онлайн [4/11]
Exercise position: Pectorals, Shoulder Deltoid, Triceps Brachii
Dimension: 1500mm (L)*1195mm(W)*1680 mm(H) weight : 155kg
Use Instruction:
1 Read all caution Warning Labels before using this equipment.
2 Adjust seat pad and sit with your back firmly against back pad.
3 Insert pin into weight stack at desired resistance level.
4 Hold the lever firmly, securely position both hands in an overhand grip or with
palms facing each other.
5 Keeping your arms close to your sides, slowly push forward while maintaining a
smooth, comfortable exercise movement.
6 Parse for a moment, then slowly return to the start position and repeat the
1.Warm-up…..It needs warm-up for 5-10 minutes before starting exercise, for
instance mark time, free-standing exercises etc., in order to move each
joint muscle, so as not to injure the joint muscle while exercising.
2 Diet ………Eat some more protein, vegetables, and fruit. Begin to do exercises until
40 minutes after a meal. Taking food until half an hour after doing
exercises and drink little water while doing exercise.
3.Breath…..Breathe in while exerting oneself, exhale while relaxing. To coordinate
breathe with movement.
4 Frequency…It needs to take a rest over 48 hours before exercising the same muscle.
5 Burden…….Exerciser should choose suitable weight according to one's own actual
conditions, make sure not to be overweight, so as not to cause the
muscle to draw wounded. Exercises should according to the
progressive principle; it is normal to feel ache while exercise for the
first time.