Bronze Gym A9-005A Мультикомплекс Руководство пользователя онлайн [3/12]
Thank you for purchasing this unit.
For your health and safety, please make a reasonable training program with
suitable weight stack and correct postures under the coachs guidance before
starting the workout. Kindly please read this manual carefully before using the
Please fill out the maintenance form carefully and keep it with receipt for after-sale
A. The main frame adopts the high-quality steel tube of for use, durable and safe.
B. Adopt high strength steel cable as transmitting wire and you will feel safe and
C. The weight stack adopts casting iron and has protective cover.
D. Rotating part adopts the high-quality bearing, durable in use and there is no
noise while using.
E. The high quality leader makes it smoother while using.
1. This training equipment is only intended for use in training areas of
organizations such as sport associations, educational establishment, hotels, clubs
and studios, where access and control is specifically regulated by the owner (person
who has the legal responsibility).
2. The training equipment shall only be used in areas where access control is
specifically regulated by the owner; the extent of control depends on the users. e.g.
degree of reliability, age, experience, etc.
3. The training equipment shall only be used in supervised areas.
4. Always keep unsupervised children and disabled away from the equipment.
5. Injury to health may result from incorrect or excessive training, please consult
the couch to choice correct exercise method and proper burden.
6. Please adjust load and equipment further (e.g. seat adjustment) before using.
7. Please check if the bolt and handrail are out of work before starting to use it.
8. When weight stacks, booms and other parts of this equipment are blocked, must
handle with other people’s assistance, in case that the weight stacks may suddenly
drop and cause accident.
9. Adjust the length of the steel cable properly and never make the steel wire rope
twist. After using the machine for a period, the owner shall check the steel cable to
make sure no unusual phenomena in connecting. When meet any problems, please
consult the professional maintenance personal at once.
10. Do not suddenly drop the weight stack. In order to avoid destroying other
weight stacks, please raise it when the weight stacks nearly collide.