Bronze Gym A9-005A Мультикомплекс Руководство пользователя онлайн [5/12]
2 Adjust the seat then put your back firmly against back pad.
3 Insert pin into weight stack at desired resistance level.
4 Arm natural contraction, both hands holding the whip handle.
5 Arm extension forward, slowly forward push movable arm. Until completely
stretched arm.
6 Keep the status for a moment, then slowly return to the start position and repeat
the movement.
1. Warm-up.
It takes 5-10 minutes to warm-up before starting exercise, for instance mark time,
free-standing exercises etc., in order to move each joint muscle, so as not to injure
the joint muscle while exercising.
2. Diet
Eat some more protein, vegetables, and fruit. Begin to do exercises until 40
minutes after a meal. Taking food until half an hour after doing exercises and
drinks little water while doing exercise.
3. Breath
Breathe in while exerting oneself, exhale while relaxing. To coordinate breathe
with movement.
4. Frequency
It needs to take a rest over 48 hours before exercising the same muscle.
5 . Burden
Exerciser should choose suitable weight according to one's own actual conditions,
make sure not to be overweight, so as not to cause the muscle to draw wounded.
Exercises should according to the progressive principle; it is normal to feel ache
while exercise for the first time.
1.For safety use of machinesregularly maintenance must be implemented.
Especially for the attrition parts, such as cable, pulley block and connection parts.
2. Special attention should be paid to easy worn parts.
3. Replace the damaged components immediately and stop using the machine until
it is fixed.
4. Maintenance should be made as following instruction.
All the content of users manual is to assure the strength training machine can be
installed more easily
Check: connecting, bolt, Weight stack bolt
cushion and cover
place of sliding
bolt if tighten
Bracket of bearing