Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH552M55B2RU [75/82] DOC (Industry CANADA) Notices
Указания изготовителя
This fax modem also complies with fax branding requirements per FCC Part 68.
Your telephone company will probably ask you to disconnect this equipment from the telephone
network until the problem is corrected and you are sure that the equipment is not malfunctioning.
This equipment may not be used o n coin-op erated telephones provided by your telephone
company. Connection to pa rty lines is subject to state tariffs. Contact your state ’s public utility
commission, public service commission or corporation commission for more information.
This equipment includes automatic dialing c apability. When programming and/or
making test calls to emergency numbers:
Remain on t he line and briey explain to the dispa tcher the reason for the call.
Perform such activities in off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.
FCC rules prohibit the use of non-hearing aid compatible telephones in the
following locations or ap plications:
All public or semipublic coin-operated or credit card telephones.
Elevators, highways, tunnels (automobile, subway, railroad or pedestrian) where a
person with impaired hearing might be isolated in an emergency.
Places where telephon es are specically installed to alert emergency authorities
such as re, police or medical assistance personnel.
Hospital ro oms, residential health c are facilities, convalescent homes and prisons.
Hotel, motel or apartmen t lobbies.
Stores where telephones are used by patrons to order merchandise.
Public transportation terminals where telephones are used to call taxis or
to reserve lodging or rental cars.
In hotel and motel room s as at least ten percent of the rooms must contain hearing
aid-compatible telephones or jacks for plug-in hearing aid compatible telephones which
will be provided to hearing impaired customers on request.
DOC (Industry CANADA) Notices
Notice to Us
ers of R adios and Television
This Class
B digital apparatus meets all requirements of Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment
CET appare
il numйrique de la class B respecte toutes les exigence d u Rйglement
sur le mat
йrial brouilleur du Canada.
Notice to
Users of the Canadian Telephone Network
This eq
uipment meets the a pplicable Industry Canada Terminal Equipment Technical
cations. This is c onrmed by the registration number. The abbreviation, IC, before
the reg
istration number signies that registration was performed based on a Declaration of
mity indicating that Industry C ana da technical specications were met. It does not
that Industry Canada approved the equipment. Before connecting this equipment to
phone line the user should en sure that it is permissible to connect this equ ipment to
the lo
cal telecommunication facilities. The user should be aware that compliance with the
ication standards does not prevent service degradatio n in some situations.
irs to telecom munication equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized
ntenance facility. Any repairs or alterations not expressly approved by Fujitsu or
Fujitsu 71