Bronze Gym A-07 Верхняя тяга Руководство пользователя онлайн [4/11]
(12)Cardiacs and children below 12 must not use the unit.
(13)The training equipment is in compliance with EN 957-2 class S(S=studio);
(14)The max training weight is 150kg (330pound). The max user weight is 150kg
(15)The machine should be located stably with a space of 2000mm*2000mm kept
(16)The unit is firstly used in trainings for professionals and secondarily for fitness in
residential community and companies.
(17)Please stop immediately and go to the doctor if you have any discomfort such as
dizziness, sicchasia, etc..
(18)The unit must be assembled and fixed stably on flat ground to avoid any
movement of the machine in use.
(19)The machine shall only be used indoor and kept away from moisture.
(20)Please wear suitable dresses and shoes in exercise.
(21)A warm exercise of 5~10min must be had before using the unit.
(22)mproper movements are not allowed to have on the unit.
(23)Please exercise under instruction of professional coach.
(24)Please check if the unit is well fastened before starting your workout.
(25)Any adjustment to the unit which may interfere with the users’ exercise is not
Exercise position: Lentissimo Dorsi, Arm Muscles
Dimension: 1750mm (L)*1160mm (W)*1965 mm (H) weight: 130kg
Use Instruction:
1 Read all caution Warning Labels before using this equipment.
2 Adjust seat pad and sit with your back firmly against back pad.
3 Insert pin into weight stack at desired resistance level.
4 Hold the lever firmly, securely positions both hands in an overhand grip or with
palms facing each other.
5 Keeping your arms close to your sides, slowly push forward while maintaining a
smooth, comfortable exercise movement.
6 Parse for a moment, then slowly return to the start position and repeat the