Bronze Gym A-07 Верхняя тяга Руководство пользователя онлайн [5/11]
(1) Warm exercise
Please have a warm exercise for 5~10 min. Mark the time when having free
movements which help to activate the joint mussels and avoid injury in exercise.
(2) Diet
Please take food which contains much protein, such as vegetables and fruits. Start the
workout 40min after the meal. The next meal should be had 30min after stopping the
workout while a small amount of water can be taken in exercise.
(3) Breath
Breathe in when move with strength; exhale when relax. Adjust the breath according
to the movements.
(4) Frequency
A rest must be taken in 48hours after exercise for one muscle before having another
one for the same muscle.
(5) Burden
Select suitable weight according to personal condition. Excessive weight must not be
taken in case of injury to the muscles. The training must be proceeded in an orderly
way and step by step. It is normal to feel slight pain in the muscles in the first
(1).For safety use of machines, regularly maintenance must be implemented.
Especially for the attrition parts, such as cable, pulley block and connection parts.
(2)Special attention should be paid to easy worn parts.
(3) Replace the damaged components immediately and stop using the machine until
it is fixed.
(4)Maintenance should be made as following instruction.
All the content of user’s manual is to assured the strength training machine can be
Check: connecting, bolt,
Weight stack bolt
cushion and cover
place of sliding
bolt if tighten
Bracket of bearing