Please note that this connector is the interface to the LED control board on the SR3, it requires the AMD
utility "SR3 Settings Soware" to control the LED.
*e diagram shown here are for reference only. Please refer to page 28 for the orientation of USB Header.
2.3 Installing Memory Modules (DIMM)
is motherboard provides two 288-pin DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) DIMM slots,
and supports Dual Channel Memory Technology.
DDR4 UDIMM Maximum Frequency Support
A-Series APUs:
Ryzen CPUs:
SR: Single rank DIMM, 1Rx4 or 1Rx8 on DIMM module label
DR: Dual rank DIMM, 2Rx4 or 2Rx8 on DIMM module label
1. For dual channel conguration, you always need to install identical (the same
brand, speed, size and chip-type) DDR4 DIMM pairs.
2. It is unable to activate Dual Channel Memory Technology with only one memory
module installed.
3. It is not allowed to install a DDR, DDR2 or DDR3 memory module into a DDR4
slot; otherwise, this motherboard and DIMM may be damaged.
UDIMM Memory Slot
A1 B1
- SR 2400
SR - 2400
- DR 2400
DR - 2400
SR SR 2400
DR DR 2400
UDIMM Memory Slot
A1 B1
- SR 2667
SR - 2667
- DR 2667
DR - 2667
SR SR 2667
DR DR 2667