3.2 ASRock Live Update & APP Shop
e ASRock Live Update & APP Shop is an online store for purchasing and
downloading soware applications for your ASRock computer. You can quickly
and easily install various apps and support utilities. With ASRock APP Shop, you
can optimize your system and keep your motherboard up to date simply with a few
Double-click on your desktop to access ASRock Live Update & APP Shop
*You need to be connected to the Internet to download apps from the ASRock Live Update & APP Shop.
3.2.1 UI Overview
Category Panel: e category panel contains several category tabs or buttons that
when selected the information panel below displays the relative information.
Information Panel: e information panel in the center displays data about the
currently selected category and allows users to perform job-related tasks.
Hot News: e hot news section displays the various latest news. Click on the image
to visit the website of the selected news and know more.
Information Panel
Hot News
Category Panel