Hyundai Rainforest H-IWR1-6P-UI063/S Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [11/56]
Electrical instant water heater
nection has male thread 12 mm in diameter (G1/2”). Connect the accessories provided in the
package to the heated water outlet marked with red color (refer to “Accessories” and version of
your water heater). The cold water feed isolation valve shall be installed upstream of the water
heater inlet. Never install an isolation valve at the heated water outlet of the water heater. Pass
water ow through the water heater to make sure that it is operable. Check tightness of all
connections and retighten them as necessary.
Electrical mains connection
Connect the water heater to the 220 VAC electrical mains with a three-conductor copper electri-
cal cable having minimum conductor section and a circuit breaker in the power switchboard as
indicated in the table below:
Correct connection
ValveInlet Outlet
130 mm
130 mm