Hyundai Rainforest H-IWR1-6P-UI063/S Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [3/56]
Electrical instant water heater
Before installing and using the appliance, please very carefully read this instruction manual and
manufacturer’s warranty liabilities. Keep the instruction manual for future reference. If you hand
over the appliance to another user, please hand over the instruction manual as well.
For more details or resolution of any occurred problems, please visit Hyundai website at You can also contact the nearest regional service center of the manu-
facturer. If there are no service centers of the manufacturer in your region, please contact the
regional dealer of Hyundai.
The content of this instruction manual has been checked and approved. The manufacturer is not
responsible for any spelling mistakes in the text and incorrect interpretation of the instruction
manual content.
Electrical instant water heaters are recommended for continuous supply of hot water in cottages
and country houses, stand-alone cafeterias and restaurants, and oce rooms, as well as they can
be used as standby equipment in apartments for the preventive maintenance period of the hot
water supply network.
The main advantage of instant water heaters is their capability to supply unlimited quantity of
hot water, when you just open the tap. Water is heated immediately, when it ows through the
heating element with high heat output. Electrical energy is only consumed upon hot water use,
which excludes loss of electrical energy related to heat accumulation. In addition, there is no
need for regular service care of instant water heaters.
Rainforest electrical instant water heaters by Hyundai are free-ow and designed for heating of
tap water in household use, for operation in an open water supply circuit only, and for a single
consumption point. Water is heated, when it ows through a heat-resistant plastic heating ask
with a copper heating element. The dry run protection is provided by a diaphragm-type pressure
sensor, which energizes the heating element upon water feed. When water owing through the
heating ask is overheated, a temperature limiter de-energizes the heating element with the
restart capability.