Hyundai Rainforest H-IWR1-6P-UI063/S Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [14/56]
Electrical instant water heater
Upon energization, the power
indicator does not light up.
The power indicator lights up,
but water is not heated.
Water does not ow from the
hot water outlet.
Water leakage.
Water at the outlet from the
water heater is sometimes
hot, sometimes cold.
There is no power supply.
1. Water ow rate is less
than necessary.
2. The power mode switch
is o.
3. The temperature limiter
set at 85°C is tripped due to
4. Too low water pressure in
the water supply network.
5. Low voltage of electrical
1. Water feeding is shut o.
2. The cold water inlet valve
is not opened.
Problem with tightness of
1. Unstable water pressure.
2. Water temperature at
the outlet from the water
heater is too high causing
repeated tripping of the
overheating protection
Make sure that power supply is
switched on.
1. Increase water ow rate.
2. Place the On/O/power
control knob to the ON position
( ).
3. Wait until the temperature
limiter set at 85°C cools down
and reactivates.
4. Wait until normal water pres-
sure is restored in the network.
5. You need to wait until the
voltage will be stable.
1. Wait until water feeding is
restored in the water supply
2. Open the cold water inlet
Restore tightness of connec-
1. Use the water heater only
aer stabilization of water
2. Decrease heating power,
increase water ow rate.
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