Hyundai Rainforest H-IWR1-6P-UI063/S Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [13/56]
Electrical instant water heater
Incoming water is heated inside the heating ask, when it ows through the heating element.
Water temperature in the water supply network may uctuate throughout the year from +3°C
to +20°C. Therefore, water ow in winter shall be made lower than in summer to obtain the
optimum water temperature. Water ow is controlled by the valve at the water inlet of the water
heater. Never install an isolation valve or shut o water ow at the water heater outlet. Aer
activation of heating, wait for 10-20 sec until temperature of heated water is stabilized.
For adjustment of hot water temperature, use the valve at the inlet connection (cold water inlet).
When you decrease inlet ow rate of water, you increase outlet temperature of water and vice
versa. For water heaters of H-IWR1-5P and H-IWR1-6P series, you can also place the On/O/
power control knob to the low power position ( ) or to the medium power position ( ) in or-
der to adjust water temperature. To switch o the water heater, place the On/O/power control
knob to the OFF position ( ), close the cold water feed valve at the inlet, and de-energize the
water heater.
Operation of the water heater may result in scaling of the shower/tap nozzle openings. This
reduces eciency of heating, deteriorates water spraying, and increases water pressure in the
heating ask.
For prevention of such phenomena, periodically clean the nozzle using household chemical
agents and so brushes. Do not use abrasive cleaning substances and inappropriate chemical
Prior to cleaning the outer surfaces, disconnect the water heater from the electrical mains and
allow it to fully cool down. Clean the outer surface of the appliance housing with a slightly moist-
ened so cloth and then wipe it dry. Do not use abrasive cleansers for cleaning.
If water ow rate from the water heater decreases, clean the coarse lter (rubber gasket and
strainer) installed at the cold water inlet of the water heater. For that, disconnect the appliance
from the electrical mains and allow it to fully cool down. Then, shut o cold water feeding,
unscrew the cold water supply pipe from the water heater, remove the rubber gasket with the
strainer, and ush it under a jet of owing water. Restore the inlet connection in the reverse
1 - O position
2 - On/O and power control knob
3 - Low power position
4 - Medium power position
5 - Full power position
Before rst start or aer a long idle period of the water heater, ll it with water opening the cold
water feed isolation valve and make sure that cold water steadily ows from the water outlet at
the consumption point. Aer that, switch on the appliance and make sure that the power indica-
tor on the front panel lights up*.
To switch on heating, place the control knob to the ON position ( ). If sucient water ow and
pressure at least 0.08 MPa are available, the water heater will start heating water.