Hyundai Rainforest H-IWR1-6P-UI063/S Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [9/56]
Electrical instant water heater
• Cross section of the electrical cable shall be increased, if the cable and water heater are
located on a thermally insulated or heating wall.
• Wires of the electrical cable in the terminal block of the water heater and power switchboard
shall be secured, since a loose connection may result in wire heating, which is very re
• Make sure that the electrical cable does not cross sharp edges or contact with hot surfaces.
• Do not connect the grounding loop of the water heater to water/gas supply lines, etc.
• Make sure that electrical wiring is properly connected (including connection to the grounding
• Thoroughly follow the connection procedure of the water heater, since improper connection
will result in its failure and may inict harm to the user.
• To avoid air pockets and breakdown of the appliance, the water heater shall be installed on a
wall strictly in horizontal position with its connections downward.
• Do not swap locations of the water inlet and outlet positions, since this will result in break-
down of the water heater or a personal injury (see color marks - blue for water inlet and red
for water outlet).
• Never install an isolation valve at the water outlet or shut o the water outow including that
via bending of the shower hose.
• If the water heater will be used in a bathroom, it is recommended to install it above body
height so that water splashes do not get onto its housing.
• The water heater shall only be installed and operated with the original accessories provided
in the package.
Operation/cleaning safety and precautions
Do not switch on the water heater, if water may freeze in it.
• The water heater is designed only for household use indoors in closed warm spaces. The
water heater is not designed for industrial use.
• The water heater is designed only for heating of water. Do not use the appliance for heating of
other liquids. This may inict a severe damage to the water heater, other property, or result
in a personal injury.
• Water temperature at the water heater inlet shall not exceed +35°C.
• Do not remove the front panel of the water heater during its operation or before de-energi-
• Immediately disconnect the water heater from the electrical mains in case of strange sounds,
odor, or smoke from it.
• Do not use the water heater with the damaged electrical cable or other damages.
• For troubleshooting and repairs, please contact the nearest authorized service center of the
manufacturer in your region.
• Exclude clogging of the shower head nozzle and tap nozzle.
• Before cleaning or maintenance of the water heater, always disconnect it from the electrical
mains. Perform cleaning or maintenance in accordance with the guidelines of this instruction
• Do not use hazardous chemicals for cleaning of the water heater and exclude their contact
with it.