Neffos Y50 TP-803 Dark Grey [20/62] 4. 2	Answer & end a call
14Chapter 4 . Calls
Make a conference call
The conference calling enables multiple persons to talk simultaneously.
1. Call the first participant.
2. After connected, tap
and enter another phone number.
3. When the second call is connected, the first participant will be placed on hold.
4. 2 Answer & end a call
On the incoming call screen:
Answer a call: Drag right.
Reject a call: Drag
Quick response message: Drag
upward to reject the call and select a quick response message to the
On the dialer screen, you can tap
->Settings -> Quick responses to edit the quick reponse message.
End a call: When you are ready to end a call, tap .
4. 3 Options during a call
Your phone provides a variety of functions that you can use during a call.
Adjust the call volume
You can press the Volume button to increase or decrease the volume.
Listen with the speaker
You can press
to hear the caller with the speaker.
Place a new call while in a call
You can make another call while a call is in progress.
1. While making a call with others, tap
on the calling screen.
2. Enter another phone number or choose another contact, then tap
to dial.
Call Waiting
When you want to answer a new incoming call while you are calling someone, you can use Call Waiting function.
When a new call comes in,
1. Slide
right to answer the new call. The previous call will hold on automatically.
2. When you want to reactivate the previous call and place the new caller on hold, tap