42Chapter 18 . Settings
4. Then select the account you want to delete.
5. Tap
-> Remove account to delete the account.
18. 12 Language and input
Manage your phone’s language and input settings.
Select your default language
1. On the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Tap Language and input -> Language.
3. Select the language from the list.
Keyboard settings
For more information, see Type text.
Use Google Voice Typing
This feature uses Google voice recognition to convert your spoken words into text.
To quickly access Google Voice Typing, tap
on the Home screen and speak the words you want your phone
to type.
Configure Google Voice Typing
On the Home screen, tap
Settings -> Language and input -> Google voice typing.
Languages: Select a language as your default language.
OK Google”detection: Tap to choose whether you say” OK Google to start a voice search from the
Google app.
Hands-free: Tap to choose whether you allow requests or not with device locked.
Speech output: Tap to choose “On” or “Hands-free only.
Offline speech recognition: Tap to download additional language packs.
Block offensive words: Turn the switch to make the phone recognize and block offensive voice
Bluetooth headset: Turn the switch to enable the phone to record audio through Bluetooth headset
if available.
18. 13 Backup and reset
You can back up your app data, WLAN passwords and other settings to Google servers.
Back up your data
1. On the Home screen, tap Settings -> Backup & reset.
2. Tap Back up my data and turn the switch on.
Factory data reset
1. On the Home screen, tap
2. Tap Backup & reset -> Factory data reset -> RESET PHONE.