Neffos Y50 TP-803 Dark Grey [37/62] Weather
31Chapter 13. Weather
Use Weather to get current temperature for one or more cities around the world.
This chapter contains the following sections.
Add a city
Check the weather
Remove a city
Weather settings
13. 1 Add a city
Add a city to check its real-time weather information.
1. On the Home screen, tap
2. Add a city in the City field and the weather information about the city will be displayed on the screen.
13. 2 Check the weather
On the Weather interface, slide left or right to switch to different cities and view the detailed weather information.
13. 3 Remove a city
1. Tap Weather -> to log into the City list.
2. Tap
and then tap beside the city you want to remove.
13. 4 Weather settings
1. Tap Weather -> -> to configure the weather settings.
Temperature units: Tap ℃ or ℉ until it turns blue as the temperature unit.
Auto refresh: Turn the swith on to make the phone auto refresh the weather information.
Refresh interval: Tap to set the refresh interval.