24Chapter 9 . Calendar
Use Calendar to manage your event and tasks.
This chapter contains the following sections.
Use the calendar
Calendar settings
9. 1 Use the calendar
View the calendar
1. On the Home screen, tap
2. Tap
at the top of the screen to select Day, Week, Month, Agenda and Year to switch the calendar view.
Create an event
1. On the Home screen, tap
2. Tap
to creat an event.
3. Follow the pop-up prompts to complete the settings and then tap Done when finished.
Delete an event
1. On the Home screen, tap
Calendar -> -> Delete events.
2. Check the options you want to delete and tap
9. 2 Calendar settings
On the Home screen, tap Calendar -> -> Settings -> General settings.
Calendar view setting
Default view: Tap to choose a view.
Hide declined events: Check the option to hide declined events.
Show week number: Check the option to show week number.
Week starts on: Tap to choose the day when a week starts on.
Use home time zone: Tap to display calendars and events in your home time zone when travelling.
Clear search history: Tap to remove all the searches you’ve performed.
Notifications & reminders
Notifications: Check the option to enable notifications.
Sound: Tap to choose the sound when receiving notifications.
Vibrate: Check the option to make the phone vibrate when receiving notifications.
Pop-up notification: Check the option to enable pop-up notifications.
Ask for reminder snooze delay: Check the option to always use default snooze delay.
Default reminder time: Tap to set the default reminder time.
Quick responses: Tap to edit default responses when emailing guests.