23Chapter 8 . Camera
7. View the photos and videos you have taken.
8. Tap to switch to video mode.
9. Tap to take a photo.
8. 2 Take a photo
Tap to choose camera mode, then tap the or press Volume button to take a photo.
If you want to take a selfie, please tap
to switch to selfie mode.
Shooting mode
Intelligent: Intelligent mode allows camera to evaluate the surroundings and determine the ideal mode for
the photo.
Nomal: Normal mode can set configuration automatically and allow you to capture the daily scenes.
Scenery: Scenery mode can adjust aperture automatically and make the photo colorful.
Food: Food mode allows you to capture the food photos more delicious.
HDR: HDR (High-dynamic-range) mode allows you to take more detailed images for low-light and highly
contrasting scenes.
Beauty: Beauty mode can automatically beautify the images when you are taking photos
Note: Your phone supports various filters when you are using Scenery and Food mode.
Camera settings
Time stamp: Enable it to add the time stamp to your photos.
Self timer: Set a timer to delay shooting.
Shutter sound: Turn the shutter sound on or off.
Forced focus: Turn the forced focus on or off.
Picture size: Select the picture size.
Reset: Reset camera to its default settings.
8. 3 Record a video
Tap to choose Video, and then tap or press the Volume button to start and stop recording.
Video settings
Swipe from the left to open the video settings panel.
Microphone: Turn the microphone on or off.
Video quality: Select the video quality you need.