28Chapter 11 . Browser
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11. 2 Browser tabs
You can view multiple pages simultaneously using tabs. Tap the icon and all the pages will be displayed.
The number on the icon means the current number of the web pages.
Open a tab
Chrome -> -> New tab.
Close a tab
1. Tab
and choose the tab you want to close.
2. Drag the tab left or right to close the tab.
11. 3 Bookmarks
Use bookmarks to record the address of a website so that you can find it easily.
On the Home screen, tap
Chrome -> -> to save the website to your bookmarks.
11. 4 History
You can visit History to check the websites that you have visited before.
On the Browser interface, tap
-> History to view a list of recent visited and most visited web pages.
11. 5 Browser settings
Basics settings
Search engine: Tap to choose a search engine.
Merge tabs and apps: Tap to enable it and the tabs will live together with recent apps.
Autofill forms: Tap to enable autofill forms.
Save passwords: Turn it on and the saved passwords will appear.
Advanced settings
Privacy: Tap to configure the settings about privacy.
Accessibility: Tap to configure the text scaling and force enable zoom.
Site settings: Tap to configure the site settings.
Data Saver: Tap to enable the data saver.
About Chrome: Tap to know about the application version, operating system and legal information.