27Chapter 11 . Browser
Use your phone browser to browse the Internet and find out all that you are curious about.
This chapter contains the following sections.
Go to a webpage
Browser tabs
Browser settings
11. 1 Go to a webpage
View a website
1. On the Home screen, tap
Chrome, then tap the address bar on top of the page and enter the web
address you want to visit.
2. Tap
Do more options about the web page
and choose the options that you want to configure.
New tab: Tap to open a new tab.
New incognito tab: Tap to open a new incognito tab.
Bookmarks: Tap to view your bookmarks.
Recent tabs: Tap to view the recent visited tabs.
History: Tap to view your browsing history.
Request desktop site: Check the option to turn the page to a desktop site.
Settings: Tap to configure the browser settings.