32Chapter 14 . Gallery
Use Gallery to view the photos stored in your phone.
This chapter contains the following sections.
Manage your photos
14. 1 Manage your photos
View photos
1. On the Home screen, tap
2. Choose an option to view your photos.
Photos : View the photos in a timeline.
Albums: View the photos grouped by album.
Collections: Create a new album and then you can view the photos groupsed by your selection.
Edit a photo
1. Select the photo you want to edit. Then tap
to log into the edit page.
2. You can:
Tap Edit to crop or rotate the photo.
Tap Effect to select a filter.
Tap Beauty to beautify the photo.
Tap Sticker to add stickers to the photo.
Tap Frame to add a frame to the photo.
Tap Blur to make some region of the photo blurry.
Tap Brush to paint some patterns.
Tap Mosaic to add mosaic effects to the photo.
Tap Color to adjust the color.
3. Tap Save to complete the editing.
Delete a photo
1. Select the photo you want to edit.
2. Tap
Share photos
1. Select the photo you want to share and tap
2. Follow the pop-up prompts to share the photo.