The dozer blade attachment is joined to deck mount arm on the machine and can be angled either to the left or to
the right. It is recommended for shifting snow, for closing small excavations or for flattening heaps of sand or gravel.
This is for clearing avenues and squares. It is applied in the same way as the lawnmower. It can be angled to the
left or the right to pile up the material along the route and can also be used for clearing snow.
LOW PRESSURE WHEELS [21 X 11.00 - 8] (FIG. 44)
These are used for cutting on sloping ground and in damp areas as the special tyre pattern gives greater grip and
prevents sliding.
These are also recommended for use of FD 700 with high grass discharge. The low inflation pressure (0.6 bar)
makes driving more comfortable. When changing direction care should be taken not to use one wheel as a pivot,
but to make the wheels counter-rotate so as not to ruin the lawn.