Vitek VT-1835 B Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [4/48]
1. Floor/carpet brush
2. “Carpet/floor” switch
3. Telescopic pipe lock
4. Telescopic extension pipe
5. Mechanical suction power control
6. Flexible hose handle
7. Flexible hose
8. Flexible hose ending
9. Flexible hose ending lock
10. Air inlet
11. Dust bin
12. Carrying handle
13. On/off button
14. Power cord winding button
15. Brush storage
16. Outlet HEPA filter
17. Outlet HEPA filter grid
18. Turbo brush
19. Crevice nozzle
20. Liquid collecting brush for smooth surfaces
21. Small brush
Dust bin description
22. Dust bin release button
23. Dust bin lid
24. Lid lock
25. Filter
26. Separator
27. Removable flask
28. Float
29. Float holder
Read this instruction manual carefully before
using the unit and keep it for the whole operation
period. Mishandling the unit can lead to its
breakage and cause harm to the user or damage
to his/her property.
To reduce the hazard of fire and to prevent
an electric shock or injury, observe the safety
measures given below.
• Use the device in strict accordance with the in-
struction manual.
• Before connecting the unit to the mains, make
sure that voltage specified on the unit corre-
sponds to your home mains voltage.
• To avoid fire do not use adapters for connect-
ing the unit to the mains.
• Do not leave the plugged in vacuum cleaner
• To reduce the hazard of electric shock, do not
use the vacuum cleaner outdoors.
• To avoid damages transport the unit only in
original package.
• For children safety reasons do not leave poly-
ethylene bags, used as a packaging, unat-
• Attention! Do not allow children to play with
polyethylene bags or packaging film. Danger
of suffocation!
• Never allow children to use the unit as a toy.
Close supervision is necessary when chil-
dren or disabled persons are near the oper-
ating unit.
• This unit is not intended for usage by children
or disabled persons unless they are given all
the necessary and understandable instruc-
tions by a person who is responsible for their
safety on safety measures and information
about danger that can be caused by improper
usage of the unit.
• Do not use the power cord or the hose as a
handle for carrying the vacuum cleaner, do not
close the door if the power cord runs through
the doorway, do not let the power cord come
in contact with sharp edges or corners of fur-
niture. Do not roll over the power cord with the
vacuum cleaner while room cleaning - it can
damage the cord.
• Always unplug the vacuum cleaner before
cleaning and when you do not use it.
• Do not touch the power plug or the body of the
vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
• Hold the winding cord with the hand to avoid
the plug hitting against the floor.
• Do not cover the unit outlet with any objects.
• Do not switch the unit on if any of its openings
are blocked.
• Keep hair, free hanging clothes, fingers and
other parts of your body away from the vac-
uum cleaner suction opening.
• Do not switch the unit off by pulling the power
plug from the socket. When unplugging the
unit, hold the plug, do not pull the cord.
• Be especially cautious while cleaning the stair
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner for collecting
such highly inflammable liquids as gasoline
and solvents. Do not use the unit in the places
where such liquids are stored.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner for collecting
burning or smoking cigarettes, matches, cin-
ders as well as fine dust, for example, of plas-
ter, concrete, flour or ashes.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner, if:
– the dust bin is not installed or if it is improperly
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