Vitek VT-1835 B Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [5/48]
– inlet and outlet filters are not installed.
• Regularly check that the power cord and the
plug are not damaged.
• Never use the unit if the power cord or the
plug is damaged, if the unit works improperly
or after it was dropped. Do not try to repair the
unit by yourself. Contact an authorized service
center for all repair issues.
• If the suction power of the vacuum cleaner
decreases rapidly while cleaning, switch it
off immediately, remove the power plug from
the socket and check the telescopic pipe and
the flexible hose for obstruction. Remove the
obstruction and only then you can continue
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner near hot sur-
faces, ashtrays and in the places where inflam-
mable liquids are stored.
• Do not exceed the maximal water and dust
level marks in the dust bin (11):
WATER FILL maximal allowed water level
at wet cleaning/at using the liquid collecting
brush (20);
DUST MAX maximal allowed dust and gar-
bage level in the dust bin.
After unit transportation or storage at low
temperature it is necessary to keep it for at
least two hours at room temperature before
switching on.
• Unpack the vacuum cleaner completely and
check it for damages.
• Before switching the vacuum cleaner on make
sure that your home mains voltage corre-
sponds to unit operating voltage.
• Always switch the vacuum cleaner off and take
the power plug out of the socket while replac-
ing the brush attachments and before main-
Attaching and removing the flexible hose
• Insert the flexible hose ending (8) into the air
inlet (10) (pic. 1).
• Insert the hose until you hear a click, indicat-
ing proper connection. To remove the flexible
hose press the lock (9) and detach the hose.
Attaching the telescopic pipe and the brush-
• Attach the telescopic extension pipe (4) to the
flexible hose handle (6) (pic. 2).
• Extend the lower part of the telescopic pipe to
the required length, having pressed the button
of the lock (3) preliminarily.
• Select the required attachment: floor/carpet
brush (1), turbo brush (18), crevice nozzle
(19), liquid collecting brush (20) or small brush
(21) and attach it to the telescopic extension
pipe (4) (pic. 3).
Floor/carpet brush (1)
Set the switch (2) on the brush (1) to the required
position (depending on the type of the surface
being cleaned).
Turbo brush (18)
You can use the turbo brush (18) for cleaning
floors and carpets with high and low pile, it is
perfect for removing pet hair from carpets. The
cylindrical hard-bristled brush is rotated by the air
flow, its bristles comb out pet hair thoroughly and
sweep dirt out of the carpet pile.
Note: Do not use the turbo brush for cleaning
carpets with long fringe and pile higher than 15
mm to avoid carpet damaging by brush rotation.
Do not run the turbo brush over electric wires,
after the cleaning is completed, switch the
vacuum cleaner off immediately after usage of
the turbo brush.
Crevice nozzle (19)
This attachment is intended for cleaning of
radiators, chinks, corners and spaces between
Liquid collecting brush for smooth surfaces
This brush is intended for collecting different
liquid and semi-liquid household substances,
spilled on the floor.
When collecting liquids follow the safety measures
given above.
If the brush is used frequently, we recommend
to wash the brush (20), flexible hose (7) and
the telescopic pipe (4) from time to time from
the inside under a water jet and drying them
thoroughly before the next use to avoid dirt and
unpleasant odor from the vacuum cleaner.
Small brush (21)
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