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Do not dry the filter (25) and other removable
parts with a hairdryer.
• Install the filter (25) back to its place and close
the dust bin (11) upper lid.
• Set the dust bin lid so that the arrow on the lid
(23) matches the mark
on the removable
flask (27) and turn the lid till the mark
• Install the dust bin (11) back to its place.
Removing and cleaning the float (28)
There is a float (28) on the inner surface of the
removable flask (27), that enables you to control
the water level in the flask. Provide that the float
moves freely and is not dirty.
• In case the float (28) doesn’t move freely,
press the button of the float holder (29) and
remove the float (28) (pic. 9).
• Wash the holder (29) and the float (28) under
running water.
• Wash the float hollow in the removable flask (27).
• Install the float (28) and the holder (29) to their
Never use the vacuum cleaner without the
correctly installed float (28) and holder (29),
as this can damage the unit.
Removing and cleaning the outlet НЕРА filter
• Open the grid (17) by pressing the lock and
pulling the grid (17) towards yourself.
• Remove the outlet HEPA filter (16), wash it un-
der slightly warm water jet, if necessary. Dry
the filter thoroughly before installing it back to
its place (pic. 10).
• Install the HEPA filter (16) back to its place and
close the grid (17).
Attention! Provide that the HEPA filter (16) is
always clean, because cleanness of air leaving
the vacuum cleaner depends on it; clean the
HEPA filter (16) no less than 3-4 times a year,
and more often at severe obstruction.
Do not wash the HEPA filter (16) in a dishwash-
ing machine.
Before installing the HEPA filter (16) make sure
that it is dry.
Do not dry the HEPA filter (16) with a hairdryer.
Cleaning of the turbo brush
Clean the rotating brush as it becomes dirty. You
can easily remove threads or long hair wound up
around the brush, by cutting them with scissors
preliminarily; be careful not to damage the bristles
of the brush.
Vacuum cleaner body
– Clean the vacuum cleaner body with a soft,
slightly damp cloth and then wipe it dry.
– Do not immerse the body of the vacuum
cleaner, the power cord and the power plug of
the unit into water or other liquids. Provide that
no water gets inside the vacuum cleaner body.
– Never use solvents or abrasives to clean the
surface of the vacuum cleaner.
Delivery set
1. Vacuum cleaner (with the filters and the dust
bin installed) – 1 pc.
2. Flexible hose – 1 pc.
3. Universal brush with «carpet/floor» switch –
1 pc.
4. Turbo brush – 1 pc.
5. Liquid collecting brush – 1 pc.
6. Crevice nozzle – 1 pc.
7. Small brush – 1 pc.
8. Instruction manual – 1 pc.
Technical specifications
Power supply: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1800 W
Suction power: 400 W
Dust bin capacity 2 l
The manufacturer preserves the right to change
design and specifications of the unit without a
preliminary notification.
Unit operating life is 5 years
Details regarding guarantee conditions can be ob-
tained from the dealer from whom the appliance
was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must be
produced when making any claim under the terms
of this guarantee.
This product conforms to the EMC-
Requirements as laid down by the
Council Directive 2004/108/ЕС and to
the Low Vol tage Regulation (2006/95/
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